Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday longer run

5.6 miles, 52:46, 9:22 pace, 145 bpm. Along Steven's Creek Trail but further this time.

I definitely ran slower - my best pace is 8:36. I also noticed my heart rate was much slower - the average is down from 153 on the last run. This could be because I went slower, or also possibly because I didn't drink coffee before I went. Or maybe I'm just fitter.

Got a new toy for fathers day - a garmin 405 - I should be able to get more accurate speeds out of this since it'll calibrate with my footpod correctly - and I'll have GPS tracks for running.

TSS score for this week: 629 - best since the century. My CTL is up to 66.5, have been steady in the 60s range since 6/7 with slight upticks. I might be hard pressed to get it higher unless I exercise every day or do some longer rides.

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