Thursday, June 25, 2009

5am start, and up Montebello Road

Finally got out of bed this morning at an early enough time to go ride for a reasonable distance - I left at 5:41am for the up montebello rd & down page mill route. It started off with some high clouds, but there was a definite boundary and I could see the sunrise to the east over the clouds. Unfortuntely while climbing I never got to go through the fog as it was just hanging in the valley - it did look as though there was a sea of cloud above the hills. Not much wildlife out today, just some bunnies.

The power/HR data shows that I didn't try hard though. I was 14W down from my average power, and my average HR for the climb was 153 vs 167. This translated into 3:17 slower! Need to try harder next time.

Small bright spot - set a new record for max power with 964W. Got home in time to shower and get to 9am meeting too.

Need to go do more intervals, don't I....

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