Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday day off; Sunday Old La Honda/West Alpine

Feeling tired on saturday so stayed away from doing exercise. Sunday I went with another google, Ryan, up Old La Honda, down to La Honda, and back up Alpine and down Page Mill. This was during one of those nice summer california heatwaves so it was damn hot - my bike thermometer read 102 at the top of alpine.

Respectable (for me) OLH time of 28:06 or so - 30 seconds off my best, but it was hot - and took 5 minutes off my alpine climb time - only the second time I've done this climb, and definitely easier chasing someone. I also set a new pb for power for 60 seconds (not sure what it was). The garmin 705 was acting up again though - it claims my max power was 20 megawatts or something - insane - and the capture from it is very gappy - definitely dropping data. Its just a pain to reboot it while I'm going - I can tell when its going wrong because it stops reporting the instantaneous gradient.

Afterwards I was pretty tired. I had a nap and watched a boring movie.

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