Friday, June 26, 2009

Ran around shoreline lake

I failed (again) to get up early this morning so I went for a run in the afternoon anyway - I needed to clear my head after a day full of meetings! I ran around shoreline lake and tried doing some resting via walking, and then some higher sped intervals on the way back. Quite fun really. I scored a 77.1 TSS - not my highest - but with some good pace numbers. Then I went back to the gym and played around with my new friend, the foam roller (although its a bit love/hate right now). I grabbed one at the store on the way home, lots more pain in store!

My minimal pace curve now claims I can run a mile in 8:36 or so - I guess I must have done it - but has a very STEEP wall at 57 minutes, probably because thats the longest I've run.

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