Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rode a normal route backwards

My average power was down a bit in buckets, but thats probably a function of only climbing for about 15 minutes. My 5 second power was up from recently, which is probably from sprinting up hills.After work yesterday I cycled from Google to Page Mill via Arastradero and then down Moody - which is a fairly normal cycling route for me except I did it backwards! Somewhat interesting to ride in the opposite way to that which I do normally; the road certainly looks different in the other direction and I saw things that I don't normally. My average power outputs were a bit lower, but since I usually push harder climbing and the only climb here was Page Mill for 18 minutes thats not really that unexpected (although if I use the "look for the drop in power" method my FTP is higher; too short a ride to tell, must go ride Monetebello Road). This was with the new firmware for the edge 705; didn't really notice any difference though.

Today I'll go for a ~30 minute run. I weighed in at 183lbs, a new low!

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