Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning run

Ran 3.6 miles along the Steven's creek trail, turning around when I hit the 15 minute mark, which was at the gate that starts to go under highway 101. I tried to concentrate more on mechanics of running; landing on the ball of my foot as in the Pose Method. I think this is roughly how I run anyway.

This seems to have made my pace slightly faster. Note that the big change is when I switched from using my bike GPS to my watch fitness monitor, which has a different sampling frequency, plus I may not have the distance completely calibrated at the moment since it is only coming from the foot pod.

Weekly total so far: 11.5 miles. I'm not doing so well at slowly increasing my distance (its 3, 6.4, 11.5 now) but this is fairly arbitrary depending on what you call a "week", and I already have a higher base level of fitness from cycling.

Off to the gym this afternoon.

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