Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 things I didn't know about arizona

1. Its not flat. In fact, it can't actually make its mind up what elevation to be at when you're in the northern part. Its 5000 feet one minute, 7000 the next
2. When its 86 degrees outside at night you remark on how nice and cool it is.
3. The northern part of the state hasn't caught on to this "street light" thing yet.
4. It has a sensible speed limit on the freeway! 75 mph.
5. There are roundabouts with the correct priorities
6. Some of the mountain roads are very alps-like.
7. The tv networks are obsessed with the weather.
8. Running at altitude is harder than running at sea level. But not that much harder.
9. The roads can be very straight
10. There aren't many sidewalks in the rural parts. Nice for running as you can hit the softer stuff at the side of the roads.

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